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Madisyn Gifford offers up deeply personal sophomore album ‘Sleeping on the Ceiling’

Rising Vancouver pop act Madisyn Gifford offers up deeply personal sophomore album Sleeping on the Ceiling , taking us through Gifford’s coming of age journey spanning everything from mental health struggles and relationship troubles to friendships and self-acceptance.

Leading with her heart throughout the 13-track collection, the album moves seamlessly from fan favourites to unreleased originals, taking us from the deeply introspective moments on “Dancing On This Line,” and the emotional core of focus track “For Shaughnessy,” to the light-hearted stylings of satirical productions like “Hospital Beds,” and “Prettiest Bitch,” before infusing notes of celebration on the anthemic “21.”

Steeped in vulnerability and catharsis, Gifford unveils a deeply personal story of growing up and out of darkness, looking back at her past and paying ode to the moments of joy, love and friendship, leaving no emotion untouched in this sonic journey.

A quickly blooming, genre-bending talent who earned a place for herself in music through her transcendent brand of pop-tinged indie-folk, Madisyn Gifford continues to prove herself to be a complete creative force with each new release she puts out into the world.

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