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From the hills and valleys of rural BC to the bright lights of Nashville, for singer/songwriter Danielle Ryan, music...

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From the hills and valleys of rural BC to the bright lights of Nashville, for singer/songwriter Danielle Ryan, music has become more than a passion, but an adventure. Danielle’s musical journey began when she was just 13-years-old, penning tracks in her childhood bedroom eager for the chance to break into the industry. As a true country girl at heart, there was no better way to nurture that gritty, down-home work ethic than to dive headfirst into the world of country music.

“I would listen to some of my favourite musicians and think, I could do that,” she recalled with a smile, adding the desire was about much more than just singing songs. “I taught myself how to play guitar and started writing from there. Since that day I’ve never looked back.”

Finding inspiration with some of the most iconic voices of country music including Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette and Johnny Cash. Drawing from personal experiences new and old, Danielle continued to plug away at her craft — which was no small feat while juggling the demands of high school, singing in church, and a stint in musical theatre.

“Above anything, I want my music to be honest. I grew up listening to country and I am super-inspired by the greats, but I also love current pop so it’s a fusion of those two,” she explained. “The priority is really to put out the best work possible, no matter how long it takes. I don’t want to release something and have regrets years down the road. That’s what I’ve always fought for — songs that really mean something.”



12 November 2021

Ain’t Christmas Without You

Danielle Ryan
27 August 2021

Middle Of The Madness (Single)

Danielle Ryan
16 July 2021

Good Times

Danielle Ryan

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