Fionn are young women with old souls. Their sound is rooted in classic folk, but on “Get Stoned”, their...

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Fionn are young women with old souls. Their sound is rooted in classic folk, but on “Get Stoned”, their latest release via 604 Records, it boasts a modern alt-pop sheen that’s uniquely theirs. Born into a very musical family, the BC-based pair have been performing together since the age of 12, when they would busk on Vancouver’s Granville Island. By 14, they were playing nearly 100 shows per year, and they’ve been soaring on a steep upward tangent ever since.

With “Get Stoned”, they’ve evolved from their stripped-down acoustic stylings to their newfound hybridity. Simply put, the results speak for themselves, combining folk roots and a ‘70s swagger with a boisterous and jubilant indie-pop aesthetic. In an era of instant gratification, of one-dimensional singles and disposable artists, Fionn have put in substantial work and are turning heads the world over.



17 July 2020

Everyone’s a Critic

26 October 2018




05 March 2021

Taste For It

05 February 2021

Dirty Dancing

13 November 2020

Winter Love


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