Picnic on the Moon is a full-circle record for folk-pop duo Fionn, revisiting the sound and spirit of their...

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Picnic on the Moon is a full-circle record for folk-pop duo Fionn, revisiting the sound and spirit of their heralded first releases; however, their path to this point has been anything but predictable. 

After all, the duo only dropped their self-titled debut in 2018, though they’ve been quite prolific since, developing a songwriting palette in a few years that even career artists would kill for. 

Their latest finds the sisters leaning on their Celtic roots and limiting their palette with organic instrumentation. It’s still catchy as hell, relying on musicianship, songwriting acumen, and authenticity for hooks instead of high-tech tools. 

Fionn are eager to be back onstage after the pandemic’s forced hiatus and will surely return to pushing musical boundaries with subsequent recordings. For now, though, Picnic on the Moon revisits the pure, undiluted creative prowess that propelled them to fame in the first place. 



21 May 2021

Candid Constellations

17 July 2020

Everyone’s a Critic

26 October 2018




17 March 2023


10 February 2023


20 October 2022



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