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REBECCA SICHON: captivates with the sumptuous song “Picking Petals”; check out

The introduction with its ethereal layers that erupt into an overwhelming groove that masterfully dialogues with the impeccable female vocal, giving off sumptuous timbres, a naturally seductive feeling, precise doses of emotional and technical eagerness at high levels! The narrative that, in a very well-oiled way, brings the reflection of several controversies through LOVE as a central theme, ends up being translated into the peak of a pop resplendence through the chorus: with an arena air, sticky and perfect to be shouted in enthusiastic proportions.

The soul/R&B vibe is irresistible in this song that is truly untainted in its archetype, promoting an unprecedented sensorial journey in its conduct. Do you know those songs that are already born under the aegis of instant HIT, such is the force promulgated? Well, exactly what we witnessed here, A PRIORITY!

We are discussing the latest release from Vancouver-based Canadian singer-songwriter REBECCA SICHON with her brilliant song “Picking Petals”. The collaboration with producer Colin Janz is another fundamental premise for the success of this track. It will inevitably take its name to stratospheric dimensions, reaching the most inhospitable corners of the planet, because it is simply AMAZING! Available below: