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Bo Henrik releases ‘Soneva’ for 604 Sessions | Melodic Magazine

For the month of June, 604 Records will be releasing a new double single each week as part of its 604 Sessions.  These sessions will highlight artists from the label’s Song Camp last year, which was created to give unsigned artists an opportunity to grow and connect.  Last week, the sessions kicked off with Adewolf and his “Afrohop” project, 2SME.  This week, we are treated to Bo Henrik’s Soneva, containing two sizzling R&B tracks that are perfect for the summer.

With Soneva, Bo finds an escape from reality.  The first single on the project is the title track, filled with guitar riffs, skittering beats, and sassy vocals.  Basically, Bo tries to create a paradise for himself, eager to bask in the paradise of a secluded island.  The second single is “Lay You Down,” which is more of an intimate love song.  Oozing with R&B melodies, “Lay You Down” is about giving in to love when things get tough, with Bo singing, “Got bills overdue / Cash ain’t coming through” and “At the end of the day / Let’s use the plan that we made.”

About the singles, Bo shares,

Together, they’re a time capsule of how I was coping at a moment of a lot of turbulence in life.  It was like my drink was spilling everywhere, I put on my seatbelt way too late, and the path I planned for myself was set far off-track by an unforeseen storm.  These smooth R&B tunes are exactly how I dealt with losing a lot of stability.  I am just grateful to have my awesome friends, my band, and my girl in those moments.  Writing and performing are genuine life-savers.

After getting his start in Sweden, Bo Henrik found himself writing catchy hooks for artists in the US and British Columbia.  As he formed special relationships and started getting his name out there, Bo continued to develop his style and release his own memorable tracks.  His 2021 single, “Take Me to the Sunlight,” hit the Top 5 on an iTunes pop chart, cementing him as an artist to watch.  As the music video continues to rise in views over 70,000, it is clear that Bo is quickly becoming a fan-favorite with much to offer.

You can listen to Soneva on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

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