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Bo Henrik Unveils Dual Single “Soneva” and “Lay You Down” | Prelude Press

604 Records and Light Organ Records have released the second installment of their 604 series with the release of Bo Henrik‘s dual single “Soneva” and “Lay You Down”. Through the 604 Sessions song camp, Bo collaborated with producer/co-writer Jared Manierka (Carly Rae Jepsen, Madisyn Gifford, Emily Rowed) and 604 Records artist Madisyn Gifford to write “Soneva,” while “Lay You Down” was self-produced by Bo and co-written with Colin Janz (Madisyn Gifford, Vox Rea, Frederick) and 604 Records artist Mathew V.

About the dual release, Bo shares that, “together these songs are a time capsule of how I was coping at a moment of a lot of turbulence in life. It was like my drink was spilling everywhere, I put on my seatbelt way too late and the path I planned for myself was set far off track by an unforeseen storm.”

“In the title track, I’m referring to Soneva, a tropical island in the Maldives,” Bo explains. “When I wrote this track both my girlfriend and I were struggling to get by. I had recently lost some music work that I needed to stay afloat and she was under heavy pressure to keep working a job she hated to help her family. Just paying rent in the city gets tough sometimes, so now and then it’s fun to dream about fucking off to a paradise island.”

On the second half of the release, Bo shares, “Lay You Down is about escaping the pressure cooker of the outside world with some good sexytime with your girlfriend or boyfriend. I wrote the song with the super talent Matthew V and producer extraordinaire Colin Janz.The session was a vibe. I wrote Lay You Down no more than a couple of weeks after Soneva, which I think is why these songs fit together.”

The 604 Sessions song camp was created to foster an atmosphere of creativity and opportunity for unsigned artists and offer creative services to the greater community. Applications for the 2022/2023 program and now open, with the deadline extended to June 17. Artists can apply HERE.