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Fionn romanticize the past on nostalgic “Take Me Back” | Melodic Magazine

Sometimes, things have a way of looking better in hindsight.  When you put space between memories and let time heal the wounds, the past tends to not seem so dramatic.  This was especially true last year, when most of us were stuck inside, left to think about how “good” we had it before covid.

Using these thoughts as inspiration for new music, pop duo Fionn created “Take Me Back,” which revisits a relationship from the past.  Teaming up with Jared Manierka, who is a musician for Carly Rae Jepsen, Fionn reminisce on “greyscale goodbyes” and “summer stained nights,” when things seemed like they would last forever.  As they sing about going back to that time, the feel-good music bends and twists in ways that captivate and make you want to shrug off all responsibilities.

Touching on the track, Fionn explained, “‘Take Me Back’ is a nostalgic pop ballad romanticizing a life stuck in the past.  Specifically, we touch on an old relationship that is brought back to the surface and re-analyzed.  Time is a funny thing, and some days you wake up forgetting where the years have gone, feeling the pain of a loss as if it is new.  During covid, we spent a lot of time wishing that we could go back to when the stress of living during a pandemic didn’t follow us on the daily.  It also gave us a lot of time to romanticize every bit of our lives before.

The lyric video for “Take Me Back” follows Fionn as they make their way around town.  Decked out in colorful blazers, the girls drive through the city, spend time at the beach, and unwind with some wine, all while dancing along to the track.  You can check it out below.

“Take Me Back” follows suit of Fionn’s latest EP, Candid Constellations, which was released in May.  The EP pushed their sound into an edgier pop realm, with Marianas Trench frontman, Josh Ramsay, co-writing three of its tracks.  You can check out “Take Me Back,” along with Candid Constellations, on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.