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‘Bare Minimum’ Sees Madisyn Gifford’s Momentum Continue to Snowball | Clout Magazine

The Empowering Break up Anthem Is Another Win for Madisyn

Boasting a fun pop sound and ever-growing levels of acclaim, Madisyn Gifford only looks to be making further strides forward with new release and video ‘Bare Minimum’.

The Canadian artist is continuing to make waves in the pop scene with her affable and often candid and affecting lyrics among a backdrop of bright and engaging sounds. Alongside it’s funny and wholly dramatic, tongue in cheek video, the track represents a whole package that feels both engrossing and fun while carving out an important message. ‘Bare Minimum’ continues to see Madisyn combine style and substance to remain an artist to keep a close eye on.

On the new video, Madisyn shares,

The ‘Bare Minimum’ music video is such a fun one that documents the feelings of bitterness that often come fresh after a breakup. Not only am I cutting up my fictional exes hoodies and smashing the flowers he finally got me all over the floor, but also showing feelings of resentment towards love in general while having Barbie slap Ken across the face/stomp on his head etc. The video wraps up with the sentiment of how I asked for the “Bare Minimum” when showing a canvas I painted that says “I just wanted flowers” on it. I think the music video is extremely over dramatic, very funny, and so so fun to watch. It’s probably the video I’m the most proud of and also the one that I have been the most excited to finally share!