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B00sted Releases New Track, “Used To Love You” Featuring Myles Lloyd

Vancouver artist, B00sted has revealed his vulnerable new single, “Used To Love You” featuring Montreal R&B act Myles Lloyd today. Effortlessly flaunting B00sted’s fresh, genre-blending sound with the fusion of his trademark hip-hop production and Myles Lloyd’s smooth vocals adding an entirely new level, the dynamic new track can be heard now below.

On the track, B00sted shares, “Used to Love You (feat. Myles Lloyd) is a song about the feelings you may face when getting out of a relationship with someone. I talk about the anxiety you may feel when your partner starts acting more distant from you – Late night texts and you don’t reply / got me overthinking everything alright – you try talking to this person but all they do is end up ignoring you.”

Following the release of “Lose Anything” and “She Wanna,” the sorrowful slow jam further’s his descent into romantic misadventure as his vocals ache for answers from a relationship growing distant.

Starting out with a DIY mind set, leading to over three million views on YouTube alone, B00sted has garnered over 7 million catalog streams. Having recently signed to 604 Records, B00sted is proving to be leading the pack in the next generation of artists to watch. Even from a young age, Keegan Jaeckel felt a deep connection to music — he just didn’t know where it may take him. Now, going by the pseudonym B00sted, the 21-year-old pop/rap artist is making waves across the industry thanks to some creative thinking and a little help from a devoted YouTube following.

Myles Lloyd is an R&B singer from Montreal, Canada. His vocal presence and songwriting is filled with a careless emotion that can be defined as vulnerable, honest and when at its best, confusing. Filled with complex stories and real-life scenarios that have come to his attention over the past years, his music acts as a release when his thoughts are finally transformed into lyrics. Racking up over four million streams for his previous releases and garnering acclaim from the likes of Complex, Teen Vogue, Wonderland Magazine, Rolling Stone, Paper, Live Nation’s Ones To Watch, Exclaim!, Source, Revolt, Sniffers And Hip Hop Dx, to name a few, Myles Lloyd is tipped to be one of the hottest artists for 2022 and beyond.