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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Danielle Ryan’s New Video for Her Cover of Shania Twain’s “Don’t Be Stupid” | Aesthetic Magazine

Emerging Canadian country music singer-songwriter Danielle Ryan has released the third video for her new video project entitled “Country Songs That Raised Me”.

The “Country Songs That Raised Me” project features videos of live performance covers of seven classic country songs. The project will follow a week after the release of Danielle’s debut EP Middle of the Madness on April 22nd. The third video is out tomorrow followed by the other five videos each released one week apart.

The third video is a cover of the classic Shania Twain song “Don’t Be Stupid”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“In our household Shania Twain was it. I have great memories dancing around the living room with my brother and sisters to the “Up!” album,” said Ryan. “I remember when I used to take the bus home from school and I would listen to Shania’s albums on repeat on my iPod. She is someone that I can listen to all the time and it never gets old. “Don’t Be Stupid” has always been a favourite. The sassy writing and the melodies slap. The violin in this song is what got me truly hooked.”

Ryan’s highly anticipated EP touches on the phases of falling in love, coming to terms with heartbreak, and being fully present in each moment. Danielle wrote every song on the 7-track EP, only taking help with arrangements and production from producer Brian Howes (Nickelback, Simple Plan) and a few other trusted collaborators – the longest-standing and most trusted of whom is in fact her brother, Brandon Severinski.

In addition to gearing up to release her EP, Danielle was also just announced as a SiriusXM Top of The Country semi-finalist. Ryan, along with seven other artists, will be heading to a studio session in Vancouver to audition to be one of three finalists and receive travel grants to create professionally recorded and mixed video and audio files of their performance. Then it’s over to the fans to vote who will be the top three finalists in the running for a mentorship opportunity of a lifetime.

For over a decade, Ryan has been hard at work honing her writing and performance skills behind the curtain. Born and raised on her great grandfather’s dairy farm in rural British Columbia, she grew up with a sharp awareness of the mechanics of modern pop thanks to some of the artists who helped shape her sound.

Clearly, great things can come when you combine a rancher’s work ethic with an artist’s insatiable creative calling. Through just its handful of songs, Middle of the Madness solidifies Danielle Ryan’s impressive sonic foundation – one she’ll be building on for years to come.