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Vancouver Pop Duo Fionn Team Up With R&B Artist Mauvey for New Single “I Won’t Lie” | Dusty Organ

Vancouver twin sister duo Fionn and 604 Records labelmate Mauvey have joined forces for the R&B-pop hit “I Won’t Lie”. Alanna and Brianne use their unique vocal similarities to their advantage, creating lush harmonies and interchanging melodies. Adding to the song’s power and R&B status, London/Vancouver-based artist Mauvey adds in his rich baritone for extra padding on the break-up anthem.

On the single, Fionn shares: “’I Won’t Lie’ is a song about the complicated feelings following a breakup. There is a sense of longing for an old self that doesn’t exist without the other person. We had the song finished for months, but envisioned having a feature on it. After hearing some of Mauvey’s songs, we decided he would be the perfect fit. He came into the studio with a rap verse that picked up right where we left off, adding a whole new element to the song. We couldn’t be happier with the result. The video takes place at a party that feels off. Time seems frozen and nobody is having fun. This was supposed to portray the numb feeling that comes along with trying to do normal things after suffering a loss. The second verse flashes to Brianne arguing with the ghost of a lover (Mauvey), and eventually pushing him away, trying to push his memory out of her head. All the while, shots of us underwater in a purple pool are effortlessly integrated to portray the feeling of drowning in these complex emotions.

Mauvey adds, “I’ve been a fan of Fionn long before they knew I existed and before signing to 604. Shortly after signing I got a chance to work with these powerful women. We clicked right away in the studio, where I got to see their incredible work ethic up close. What struck me the most about the twins was the depth of their talent! My expectations were very high, but they exceeded them and more. A moment I’ll never forget is on the video shoot for ‘I Won’t Lie’. It was late, we were running out of time, the ladies had already committed to the last shot in an outdoor (not-heated swimming pool), they just walked right in like it didn’t matter, it was then I knew I had to step my game up.

Watch the music video below: