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Rising Canadian Star Madisyn Gifford Is at Her Most Honest on ‘Hope You’re Well’ | Clout


With a plethora of pop bangers under her belt, Madisyn Gifford has slowed things down and showcased her more measured, thoughtful side on new single ‘Hope You’re Well’.

Now a year on from her debut release, the track showcases a softer side of an artist who has gained acclaim for her fierce and bold sound. This really gives her arresting and captivating voice a chance to shine on the track in a way that it never really has before to such an extent. The breakup track is both rousing and relatable, with poignant lyrics that show a more vulnerable side to the artist than we have seen. Madisyn continues to add strings to her bow as she gradually exposes herself as a frighteningly adaptable and multi-faceted artist.

Hope You’re Well is a song that I wrote with Jared Manierka last year in a time when I had finally come to a place of acceptance after a really hard breakup,” Madisyn shares, reflecting on what it means to finally come out of the other side of heartbreak. “It’s about the empowerment that comes from wishing someone well rather than painting them as the villain while also simultaneously accepting your own wrong doings in the relationship. This is one of the most honest songs I have ever written in my life and I am so proud of it. It is filled with real snapshots of my life over a period of two years and more than anything, to me it feels like an open letter or a diary entry. I hope more than anything people who listen to it will see themselves within my words and find the story just as cathartic as I do.