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Madisyn Gifford releases a cheeky pop single, entitled, “Hospital Beds” | Bong Mines Entertainment

Madisyn Gifford is a rising singer-songwriter from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a cheeky pop single, titled, “Hospital Beds.”

“The song ‘Hospital Beds’ is a really interesting one for me and also a song that I’m insanely proud of. I originally wrote it in October of 2021 as a slow melancholy acoustic song. And it wasn’t until August 2022 that my producer and co-writer, Jared Manierka, and I decided to take a completely different approach and turn it into the tongue-and-cheek alternative pop song it is today. Essentially throughout the track, I am making fun of and calling myself out for my own victim complex and tendency to self-sabotage my own relationships. Although I think the song is really funny and fun, lyrically, I also think it manages to be very vulnerable and honest at the same time, which is something that I am very proud of. I’m so excited about this track and for it to finally be out in the world!” – Madisyn Gifford explained

‘Hospital Beds’ maintains Madisyn Gifford’s ability to craft songs based on her honest experiences. The likable tune possesses thudding drums and guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with an alternative pop vibration. Furthermore, “Hospital Beds” follows mildly on the heels of  Madisyn Gifford’s previously released single, “21.”


Madisyn Gifford - “Hospital Beds” press photo
Photo by @zeustate

Madisyn Gifford has quickly joined the new generation of Canadian artists getting noticed in the rising pop scene. Also, she has already accumulated over 1.2 million YouTube views and 682K Spotify streams since releasing her debut single, “Without You,” back in 2020. Her transcendent take on indie-folk with an integral pop tinge has earned accolades from media outlets, industry moguls, and music lovers.

‘Hospital Beds’ proves that Madisyn is a creative force, one who serves up stories and introspections as compelling as the soundtrack to which they are set.

Madisyn Gifford - “Hospital Beds” press photo
Photo by @zeustate

Despite having just hit her 20s, the quick-blooming, genre-bending artist has been quite prolific, dropping her debut EP, “Learning to Exist,” via 604 Records. She followed with the LP, “I hate ur guts,” less than a year later. Now, she’s putting the final touches on the next musical milestone of what’s already an impressive artistic path. Madisyn has seen her fanbase swell consistently and organically along the way, earning millions of streams across major platforms.

We recommend adding Madisyn Gifford’s “Hospital Beds” single to your favorite alternative pop playlist. Also, let us know how you feel in the comment section below.