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Madisyn Gifford loves to play the victim on “Hospital Beds” | Melodic Magazine

Love can make you do crazy things.  Breakups can make you do even crazier things.  What happens to us when we get into and out of relationships?  Why the sudden urge to dance on the moon or slash up some tires?  While it may be an ongoing mystery, Vancouver pop artist Madisyn Gifford sheds some light on the situation with her cheeky new single “Hospital Beds.”

A whimsical adventure filled with grim fantasies, “Hospital Beds” is Madisyn’s attempt to lure someone back into a relationship.  The sunny sounds of electric guitars and lively patterns from the drums alleviates these darker lyrics, giving the track a playful tongue-in-cheek edge.  With her dreamy indie pop vocals, Madisyn sings, “I kinda wanna crash my car so I could call you up / Cry into the phone and hope that you don’t call my bluff” and “I don’t think I would do it, but does the thought still count?”  In the choruses, we hear the motive behind these conflicting thoughts as Madisyn sings, “Daydreams of hospital beds / Guilts you into loving me again.”  You can listen below.

About the single, Madisyn shares,

“The song ‘Hospital Beds’ is a really interesting one for me, and also a song that I’m insanely proud of.  I originally wrote it in October of 2021 as a slow, melancholy acoustic song, and it wasn’t until August 2022 that my producer and co-writer Jared Manierka and I decided to take a completely different approach and turn it into the tongue-in-cheek alternative pop song it is today.  Essentially throughout the track, I am making fun of and calling myself out for my own victim complex and tendency to self-sabotage my own relationships.  Although I think the song is really funny and fun lyrically, I also think it manages to be very vulnerable and honest at the same time, which is something that I am very proud of.  I’m so excited about this track and for it to finally be out in the world!”     

You can listen to “Hospital Beds” on platforms like SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify.