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Gwyn Love Continues Collaboration with LA+CH With Release Of Pop Ounk Single “good luck rly” | Modern Neon

Once you are done riding the high of your debut album, you are forced to ask yourself that dreaded question….what is next? On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out “good luck rly”, the latest single from Gwyn Love. Gwyn Love began honing their talents early on with first picking up a cello at age 5. By age 11, Gwyn Love had already written their first song and was quickly on their way to discovering their own path down the music avenue. In the decade since, Love has tweaked their sound to become uniquely theirs, a blend of pop-electronica that we wouldn’t expect to find in small-town Oklahoma. Gwyn found a solid amount of success after the release of their debut EP At First Blush, with the EP’s lead single being picked up by popular playlists including Spotify’s “It’s A Bop”, Apple Music’s “New Music Daily” and Amazon’s “Fresh Pop” and “Brand New Music”

One of our favorite milestones to cover in early on in a professional musician’s life is the first pivot off the path when they start to experiment with their formula. For example, with “good luck rly” being the first single out of Gwyn’s camp after releasing their debut album dimr, Gwyn decided to take a step off of the dance-pop path to further elaborate on this next stage of their career. Unlike previous indie-pop singles, Gwyn fully embraced the reemerging punk sound in order to fully dive into the pop-punk world. While hold yourself to one genre when you have a partnership with a talented producer like La+ch in your camp? While you are still early on in your career, you might as well experiment and enjoy the freedom you have to cultivate a sound you’re happy with.

Make sure you check out “good luck rly” on Spotify below and over on your favorite streaming platform!