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Gwyn Love Collaborates With La+ch on New Track, “good luck rly” | Prelude Press

Genre bending artist Gwyn Love is expanding their collaboration with Toronto producer La+ch with the release of their new single “good luck rly.” Co-written by Gwyn, La+ch and Coleman Hell, the throwback track takes the best from electro, pop, and punk to create a timeless sound that will resonate with those raised on early 2000’s pop-punk.

Of the song, Gwyn Love said, “I would have to say writing “good luck rly” was the most fun I’ve ever had writing a song. I co-wrote it with La+ch and Coleman Hell and we all were vibing off each other’s energy so well. This is the first time I’ve ever gone into a co-writing session with nothing already written. I usually bring in pretty much a full song and ask for pointers, but we made this from scratch. We are all super stoked about the track and excited to get to share it with the world!”