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Stream Mauvey’s New Mixtape ‘The Florist’ and Watch the Accompanying Short Film Series | Exclaim

“I wanted to deliver something human with this mixtape. Love, at the end of the day, is real and unpredictable”

Stream Mauvey's New Mixtape 'The Florist' and Watch the Accompanying Short Film Series

By Kaelen BellPublished Dec 10, 2021Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Mauvey — one of this month’s New Faves — has shared his new mixtape The Florist. The music comes attached to a short film comprised of four interconnected videos, a whirlwind of purple hues and kaleidoscopic visuals that mark the artist’s directorial debut.  

The Florist mixtape swings between lush R&B and throbbing dance-pop, folding streaks of UK garage and grime into Mauvey’s sparkling grooves. The final songs from The Florist — “HISSYFIT” and “Zoo” — are now available to stream along with the rest of tape. 

Of his new mixtape and accompanying short film, Mauvey said:

I wanted to deliver something human with this mixtape. Love, at the end of the day, is real and unpredictable. My debut mixtape is a declaration of unpredictable, desperate love and self love. There’s some happy, there’s some sad, there’s some sad that sounds happy and there’s some happy that sounds sad. It’s human, it’s love, it’s real.

The Florist is my directorial debut, and to do it with a team as talented and as accomplished as Amazing Factory is something special. It has been surreal to go from an idea in my head to treatments sent over email to the first day on set. I honestly couldn’t be more excited for the world to see the story unfold. To know that it all connects, all the way to the album is what is magic. My favourite part is knowing the whole story, knowing how it all ends, having my time with that before everyone else knows.

Written and produced entirely by Mauvey, The Florist was recorded across the UK, with the short film shot in British Columbia and directed and produced by Mauvey alongside Amazing Factory. The Florist video series was kicked off by “9,” which introduced the world of the multi-part film series, following five characters who connect in increasingly strange and dream-like ways.  

Mauvey’s debut full-length is expected to arrive sometime next year, but for now, you can stream The Florist mixtape and watch the four-part short film below.