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David Bowie 75: Fionn – “Heroes” | Range

“Us Against the World” is the phrase that comes to mind when we think about David Bowie’s “Heroes.” It’s a timeless coming of age anthem that always keeps us coming back for more. When Bowie sings, ‘We can be heroes, just for one day,’ it so perfectly sums up the feeling of invincibility that comes with young love.

The song starts off soft and spacey, the main synth acting as a sweet siren, immediately lulling one into a hypnotic state. The opening line, “I, I will be king, and you, you will be queen” sets the scene, two lovers feeling like the rulers of the world they are creating together. The song continues with Bowie’s voice sounding relaxed and dazed throughout the first few verses, adding to the dreamy vibe. 

Most fans are familiar with the story that fuelled the song: Bowie recounts seeing a couple kissing by the Berlin wall, seemingly so blissful in their love for each other they become completely unaware of the political turmoil surrounding them. By the time we reach the line ‘I can remember standing by the wall, the guns shot above our heads, and we kissed as though nothing could fall’ the passion and desperation locked into Bowie’s voice is chilling. This is the climax of the song, the image of the couple so clear in our minds, the sentiment relevant to anyone who has felt this kind of love. Nothing seems to matter but the time shared together. This feeling is universal, so human,  despite any external conflict in the world. This is why we believe “Heroes” has touched so many souls, and will continue to for many years to come. 

David Bowie is forever an idol of ours, and we are so honoured to share our perspective on this beautiful song.