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Marianas Trench Frontman Josh Ramsay Releases Music Video For ‘Lady Mine’ Featuring Chad Kroeger | ET Canada

Josh Ramsay is teaming up with Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger for a bold new throwback anthem called “Lady Mine”. 

The song is the first single off Ramsay’s forthcoming debut solo album, The Josh Ramsay Show, which is set for release early next year.

“Working with Chad is a blast. He’s a killer rock singer and he brought his A game for sure,” said Ramsay. “He really brought the song up by a huge amount.”

The video draws attention to the track’s instrumentation, with blazing guitars and a full horn section. 

“This song is so much fun,” he continued. “Making the video was even more fun. Just two hams, trying to make each other laugh. Once I heard both our vocals together, I thought we should’ve changed the title to, ‘The Ballad of 2 Chainsaws’.”

Ramsay is no stranger to collaborating with other artists, with his writing and performing credits for acts like Carly Rae Jepsen, Nickelback and 5 Seconds of Summer. 

The musician also opened up about writing his new album during lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This album is a real labor of love I basically locked myself away for a year and went crazy on every tangent I could come up with,” he recalled. “I always wanted to make an album where I played every instrument. The pandemic was the right opportunity to finally do it.”

Ramsay added, “Each track on this album is a different genre. ‘For Lady Mine’, I was going for a fun, throwback 70s style rock, drawing on the same sorts of influences that Lenny Kravitz might do. At least that’s what I set out to do. What I ended up with was something kind of crazy. You know – like if the 70s had been on crack.”