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Madisyn Gifford Unveils Her Most Personal Work to Date With “Hope You’re Well” | Lock Magazine

Vancouver’s pop artist Madisyn Gifford shares her most personal work to date with “Hope You’re Well”. With groovy melodies and sleek beats, Madisyn’s vocals elegantly glide over the track’s euphonious tones. The track transforms into a slow-burning tune about finding acceptance and soothes the pains of breaking up.

Hope You’re Well is a song that I wrote with Jared Manierka last year in a time when I had finally come to a place of acceptance after a really hard breakup. It’s about the empowerment that comes from wishing someone well rather than painting them as the villain while also simultaneously accepting your own wrong doings in the relationship. This is one of the most honest songs I have ever written in my life and I am so proud of it. It is filled with real snapshots of my life over a period of two years and more than anything, to me it feels like an open letter or a diary entry. I hope more than anything people who listen to it will see themselves within my words and find the story just as cathartic as I do.