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Madisyn Gifford unveils single Hope You’re Well | Actua News

Her  voice  is  airy  and  gripping , her songs  touching  and  enveloping , and in both cases  Madisyn Gifford  effortlessly balances the raw emotion  and  curiosity of her youth  with a mastery of her craft that completely belies that youthfulness. The 19-year -old singer-songwriter has been   singing for as long as she speaks. Musically and lyrically, it is a  captivating  and  irresistible  union of innocence  and  experience  that can completely envelop its listener.

And as alluring as her  indie-folk liveliness  and  vocal prowess may be , Madisyn is equally gifted as a lyricist, intelligently and creatively delving into the formative experiences of her twenties. Today she delivers the lyric video for her new single  Hope You’re Well , a song she co-wrote with  Jared Manierka  last year, when she was “finally at a  point of acceptance.  after a  really difficult breakup  ”. She talks about the  feeling  of  liberation  experienced when, instead of portraying the other as the bad guy, you take your share of   responsibility  and we wish him the best