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Madisyn Gifford Celebrates Her Quirks in the ‘Nice Things’ Music Video | The Honey Pop

All about celebrating what makes us who we are, Madisyn Gifford reminds us why we ”can’t have nice things” with her new music video, ‘Nice Things!’ With a vintage flair coinciding with the lighthearted lyrics, you can’t help but love all your flaws with this track!

Check out the 60s inspired music video for ’Nice Things’ below with our THP exclusive premiere!

Signed to 604 records just last year, Madisyn has experienced the beginning of her career in lockdown, but even with the restrictions, she’s already sparked interest through her thousands of listeners and streams.

See why so many have resonated with Madisyn Gifford in our exclusive interview.

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you know you wanted to pursue music and who are some of your musical influences?
I started singing the moment I could talk and always loved music and the storytelling that went along with it, but I never truly decided to pursue music until I was 17 and I wrote my first song. As soon as I started songwriting myself I knew that there was nothing else on this planet I wanted to do. As for some of my biggest musical influences, I grew up listening to a lot of artists like Ani Difranco and Sarah McLachlan and they definitely are part of what sparked my love for music. I’m also very inspired by artists like Taylor Swift and also Bon Iver and Gregory Alan Isakov.

And you’re creating in a time where collaboration looks a lot different than normal. How’s it been creating music for you throughout the release of your debut EP till now? Were there any difficulties you had to overcome with the changes COVID brought on in the recording process?
It’s funny because I got signed by 604 about a month before lockdown and prior to that I was in a duo where we did everything from home so I don’t really know what it’s like to create music any other way. Selfishly I actually really appreciated the time at home I had to write music and really focus on my art and luckily I was able to go in the studio and record throughout the lockdown obviously just with a lot of safety protocols involved.

Your newest single is called, ‘Nice Things,’ and you definitely nailed the vintage housewife vibes in the video! What was your favorite scene to shoot and do you have any fun or memorable moments to share?
Thank you so much! My favorite scene to shoot was definitely the cake scene not only because I got to eat some confetti cake(my favorite) but also mostly because I just love the way the set came together. The blue background with my yellow dress popped so well I love that scene! Lindsey Blane that directed this video did such an incredible job with the set design. As for funny stories, there are quite a few! Funnily enough on the set of this video, that we made a song where I make fun of myself for wrecking things, I accidentally broke a lamp while filming and also spilled quite a few things. Needless to say, I am definitely writing from experience in this song!

The video was full of color and your clothes perfectly matched the vibe, who’s idea was it to go 60’s housewife?
Thank you I’m so glad you liked it! It was my idea to go with the 60s housewife theme because back in that time women were so often expected to be this perfect homemaker and I wanted to play with the idea of trying to be a 60s housewife who’s really bad at it because “I can’t have nice things.”

What was the idea behind the visuals?
I wanted it to be just as bright and colorful as I think the song is and the 60s color palette suits that really well I think!

The song itself is all about how both your good and bad make up who you are. What was the inspiration behind this message?
I think the message of this song is really empowering at least for me because people so often will preach self-love but it can be hard to unapologetically love yourself when you don’t accept and even laugh at your unique flaws as well as all of the amazing unique traits you have as an individual.

What do you hope your fans take away from the track?
I hope they can see themselves in my honesty and hopefully chuckle along with me at my own misgivings. We are all flawed individuals and there is something so fun and cool about that to me if we choose to accept those things and better ourselves with love and acceptance rather than self-hatred.

And ‘Nice Things’ is your second single following your debut EP release. Is there a bigger project such as an album in the works that you can give us any hints about?
Yes! I have an album coming out in the new year that I am so so excited about. I have never been prouder of anything than I am the project we created and I cannot wait for people to hear it and hopefully feel seen when they listen to the stories I tell in it.

In what ways do you think you have grown musically and emotionally since your debut release of ‘Without You?’
I think I have grown so much not only on a personal level but also as an artist since last year when I put out ‘Without You.’ I have learned how to be a lot more candid in my writing, grown as a vocalist, and more than anything I think I’ve finally begun to find my sound. I’ve loved songwriting for a long time but I don’t think it was until this year that I really delved into the craft of it and found my voice.

What lyric from ‘Nice Things’ do you think describes what’s next to come for Madisyn Gifford?
Probably the line “You’re my favorite, shh don’t tell the others” only because that’s something my friends have always made fun of me for constantly saying and I tried to slip a bunch of small personal details about myself or put stories into the lyrics of this upcoming album that only my friends and family would truly get when they heard it but could also hopefully be applied universally to the general public. Something about that makes me really happy.

What can fans expect in this new era?
They can expect some really honest and vulnerable stories from me involving heartbreak and self-growth and also some different sides of my voice that I never accessed until creating this project. I have honestly never been as excited for anything as I am to finally share this album.

If you’re anything like us, you already know that ‘Nice Things’ is just the beginning for a talent like Madisyn! You can stream it here or watch it on YouTube on loop (also just like us tbh). And if you really loved it, you can follow Madisyn on social media. We know you want to and since we’re helpful here at THP, we’re going to link them right below.

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