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Madisyn Gifford unveils Nice Things music video | Actua News

Madisyn Gifford is an  aerial and gripping voice ,  touching and enveloping songs . She effortlessly balances  the raw emotion  and  curiosity of her youth  with a mastery of her art that completely belies this youth.

The 19-year-old singer-songwriter has been singing for as long as she speaks. Musically and lyrically, it is a  captivating and irresistible union  of innocence and experience  that can completely envelop its listener. And as alluring as her  indie-folk liveliness  and  vocal prowess may be , Madisyn is equally gifted as a lyricist , intelligently and creatively delving  into the formative experiences of her twenties. 

At the end of August came out the catchy  Nice Things , about which Madisyn says: “Although the song is very light and honest, I also like that it kind of takes power back from the people who put me down because I was just myself or insulted me about things that I know were wrong ”. Today we discover the clip of the single!

Check out the clip below