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JoJo Mason Revvs Up His Motorcycle In The New Music Video For Feel Good Single ‘Broken Umbrella’ | ET Canada

JoJo Mason is revving up the engine in the brand new music video for his feel-good track “Broken Umbrella”.

On Wednesday, the CCMA Award nominee exclusively premiered the visuals for his latest single with ET Canada, which sees Mason taking a ride on his very own motorcycle.

Marlena Szasz
Marlena Szasz

Speaking about the visuals, Mason says, “This was one of most fun videos I’ve ever shot. The storyline is adorable and fun and it really captures the essence of the song throughout the video. I also got to feature my motorcycle in it which is AWESOME! I am super pumped for everyone to see it and hope y’all can feel the love and good vibes from this one!”

The singer hopes the catchy new song will spread all the love and good vibes, telling us, “It’s just a really fun song, and it really captures your boy.”

“If your glass is half empty, I’m gonna fill up your cup / If you’re runnin’ low on love, I’ll be your penny heads up,” he sings in the chorus. “When your skies are all grey, I’m gonna bring you some colour / You’ve got a broken umbrella, well baby I’ve got you covered.”

The “Better On You” singer says the track “really speaks about who I am as an artist, showing my fun, loving, and happy side.”

He adds: “Things can be tough, but you can always make it out on the other side, so let’s have some fun with it. It’s all about doing the best we can and enjoying that kind of positivity. That’s what this song is to me.”

Watch the music video for “Broken Umbrella”.