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Sunday Specials – 8th Aug ’21 | Find No Enemy

9. Mauvey – Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon sounds like Mauvey should be performing on COLORS right now. The alt-pop anthemic piece is just so wonderfully smooth, the kind of bop that is ideal for a laidback, lazy summer. On Sunday Afternoon, Mauvey says: “Sunday Afternoon is not just about FOMO, it’s not just about the best night out ever, it’s not just about having so much fun that you come back home on Sunday Afternoon. It’s about being so obsessed with someone that only ‘the biggest night out of all time’ will get your mind off them.”

Born in Ghana, raised in the U.K, Mauvey combines elements of hip-hop, R&B, and soul with modern pop sensations to create his unique style of alt-pop. The kind of soulful pop music he’s bringing is on a massive come up, with tons of artists trying their hand at the genre. While ‘smoothness’ might be the most commonly use descriptor for this style, Mauvey also brings an element of playfulness; a joy that sets him apart from his contemporaries. As I sit here writing this on a lazy Sunday, I can’t imagine a more blissful and appropriate tune to carry me through it.