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Mauvey – Sunday Afternoon | Sinusoidal Music

Singer-songwriter cum hip-hop artist Mauvey is on his way to building a ridiculously anthemic discography, and it is our job to let the world know about it. Following his earlier singles such as I’M THE ISH and 9, Mauvey adds some fresh paint to his discography with the release of his latest track Sunday Afternoon.

If there was ever a track to describe fraternity and friendship in the summertime, Sunday Afternoon has to be it. Spanning for a period of two minutes, the number is characteristically a hip-hop number, with variations in ridiculously contagious pop, rhythm and blues and electronic dance music.

Thematically, the song represents the process of carefree independence from things that tie us down, made particularly abundant with lyricism such as — ‘Going out / For the weekend / Coming back Sunday Afternoon’. It represents a sensation of nonchalant frolic, ushering in an infectious chorus that becomes the trademark of the groove. Muavey’s arrangement is almost reminiscent of the exhilaration and radiance of festive occasions, a sense of living in the moment, a here-and-now carpe diem undertone. 

Sunday Afternoon is now streaming on all platforms. Be sure to check out the track here: