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Gwyn Love explores the first two years away from home in her debut EP | CelebMix

Gwyn Love is an edgy boi stuck in a weird-ass place that she cannot wait to get out of. “I am currently surviving and for that, I am grateful – been a wild year for sure,” Gwyn expresses to CelebMix at the top of our chat about her debut EP, “at first blush“.

“I am “so fucking happy” ayee! Nah, for real, it’s surreal to finally have an EP out,” Gwyn expresses to CelebMix on the excitement of having her debut piece of work out for the world to listen to. “I’ve been dreaming about it since I was a wee lad. Now all my feelings are out for the world to hear, kinda scary, yet empowering at the same time.”

Gwyn’s debut EP is all about Gwyn herself, and how she moved to the city, while also touching on all the experiences and feelings during her first two years away from home. “It’s about me finding myself and getting to live my life how I always wanted to,” Gym adds.

For sure! Listening to those songs, I can picture myself writing them and how I was feeling, it’s almost like reliving that time period over again. very very accurate

Gwyn Love on the release of her debut EP

The creative process for this EP was pretty straight forward for Gwyn, she basically wrote a ton of songs constantly, picked some of her favourites and brought them to her producer and they talked about the sound she was going for and showed him some reference tracks. Essentially everything came out even better than Gwyn had imagined. The songs on the EP are all really cohesive as well.

“Hahaha it basically is my life, perfectly represented,” Gwyn assures CelebMix on the relevance to her own life. “I, of course, add some things or dramatize things, but I write about my life.” In fact, Gwyn didn’t know how to write about something she hasn’t experienced her self and doesn’t think she would put the same amount of emotion in it if she did.

“‘never have to see u again’ and ‘hey molly’ are my faves because they are BOPS,” Gwyn tells CelebMix on which songs listeners should pay particular interests to. “[I] think almost everyone can relate to ‘never have to see u again’ and ‘hey molly’ makes me wanna dance and has some really good storytelling so you feel like you’re actually there at that rave with me having the best night of your life.”

Currently, in her arsenal, Gwyn Love already has a whole album recorded, so she is working on her second at this point. “[I] can’t wait for you guys to hear the new stuffs,” Gwyn concludes in our chat.

You can get in contact with Gwyn Love and discover more of her music via her social media platforms and digital streaming services: Instagram