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Vancouver Pop Duo Fionn Embrace Contemporary Pop In New Single “Space” | Modern Neon Media

While I personally don’t get along with my closest (in age) sibling, there must be something else to the whole “twin synergy” theory. Anyway this week as we rummage through the indie pile we are checking out “Space”, the newest drop from the duo known as Fionn. Originally breaking onto the scene back in 2017, Fionn’s debut single “Skeletons” helped sparked the duo’s initial success. Racking up over 700k streams since the track’s initial release, “Skeletons” elevated Fionn’s career through multiple features on popular playlists such as Indie All Stars, New Music Friday, Contemporary Blend, Folk and Friends to name a few, as well as peaking in the Top 5 on the CBC Music Charts. Now freshly off their sophomore album Everyone’s A Critic, Fionn has taken a new step in their career as musicians and have caught the attention of audiences and industy playmakers.

Space is a personal song about feeling far away from a partner in a relationship, but desperately not wanting to give them the space they need. We’ve both always been people pleasers, and can relate to the feeling of constantly wanting things to be ‘good’ between us and those we’re closest with. We wanted the melody and lyrics to represent the hopeless feeling of friction between two people who love each other, but who are both experiencing demons that kill their ability to communicate.” – Fionn

Initially teased in a slate of new music back in 2019, Fionn’s latest single puts a renewed focus on their own particular sound. Redirecting their focus onto the current indie pop scene, Fionn threw all of the popular and essential elements of pop music into a melting pot and their new sound is the result. “Space” features a blend of these contemporary pop facets, including danceable beats and upbeat melodies that are perfect for jamming along to in your headphones or singing in a virtual kareoke sesh with your friends. Fionn’s lush and almost enticing vocal performance puts the cherry on top of this essential indie pop single. “Space” may just be the feel-good song that you need in your rotation.

Make sure you check out “Space” on Spotify below!