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A buoyant, sun-soaked dance-pop anthem ready to soundtrack our summer nights, Tafari Anthony’s “Falling Back” aches with the intoxicating pull of desire as the Toronto artist teases his debut album!

Toronto’s Tafari Anthony has always worn his has always worn his heart unapologetically on his sleeve.

Through three EPs packed to the brim with catchy, cathartic beats and unfiltered, intimate emotion, the JUNO-nominated artist has established himself as a beacon of vulnerability and raw passion. Anthony’s music is almost guaranteed to move both the body and the mind, and his latest release is no exception: A buoyant, sun-soaked dance-pop anthem ready to soundtrack our summer nights, “Falling Back” aches with the intoxicating pull of desire.

The sting of seduction comes to life in a sizzling, smoldering song about surrendering yourself to another, even though you know they’re no good for you. The pain they cause outweighs the pleasure they bring, but still we keep falling back – returning for more with the hope that this time, things will be different.

Arriving two and a half years after his JUNO Award nominated third EP The Way You See Me – which Atwood Magazine called “a soaring immersion of evocative dance pop, R&B, and soul” in a special 2020 artist feature – “Falling Back” finds Anthony dwelling in sonic highs and emotional lows as he keeps “falling back” into bad habits – namely with a certain someone:

It ain’t a race but damn man I can’t wait all day
Smushing my face you knew exactly how to play
Get me hooked on your touch
and the way that you treat me like any other trick

Guess I’m that bitch
When I want it, when I need it, where the hell are you?
When I crave it, when I’m tryna demonstrate what I can do
You leave me on the phone
Constantly wanting more
Maybe this is how you want it to go over

“’Falling Back’ is all about control and power dynamics,” Anthony tells Atwood Magazine. “Give me just enough to keep me interested, keep me invested, but never show all your cards. Even though I was completely aware of the situation I couldn’t help but keep coming back to him whenever I’d get a late night text or call. I’d sacrifice pretty well anything just for a moment of bliss… even though it rarely came.”

Anthony’s lyrics evoke the strain of this internal and external push-and-pull; “I can’t keep falling backwards,” he proclaims at one point, his hushed voice evoking an unrelenting emotional tension. “You only want me to stand up second or third.”

Already a longtime Atwood Magazine artist to watch, Tafari Anthony remains one of this decades most promising up-and-coming artists. “Falling Back” is a welcome showcase of his soul-stirring talents, flooding the ears with sonically and emotionally charged, R&B-infused dance-pop sound. If ever there were a time to hop on the Tafari Anthony bandwagon, it would be now: With his debut album on the way, 2023 promises to be a standout year for this stunning artist!