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Mauvey Keeps Building His Sonic Playground on Before The Album 2: A Brief Overview

Continuing his odyssey of pre-debut antics, the ambitious genre-spanning artist drops another series of cinematic and experimental tunes.

You can tell from his dramatically staged performances and the impressive and futuristic outfits he dons during them, MAUVEY is one to meticulously plan things out. Now with his second project titled Before the Album, this time offering a full-length collection of 16 tracks instead of an EP, the undefinable artist continues to build a playground for himself to experiment as we await his highly-anticipated debut. Simply the fact that he’s gearing up to hit the road with gritty alt-rockers July Talk shortly after coming off of a tour with indie-pop star Curtis Waters shows you how much MAUVEY’s music is designed to fit into almost any musical space. His latest batch of tracks continues to display his raw emotions – sometimes, to an almost uncomfortable degree – and resonates with his self-proclaimed overarching mission: to distribute love to as many people as possible.

The project opens with MAUVEY interviewing a young child about their preferences in storytelling – the response being that “the characters” are the best part. It certainly sets the tone on an album where MAUVEY plays all of the roles in the developing and crumbling of relationships with equal passion, as some of the most impactful moments continue to be where he builds up to the full power of his soulful, raspy belt – whether it’s a celebration of discovering his true self on “After All” or a cry of anguish at a Valentine’s Day gone wrong with “On The 14th.” Veering between string-backed orchestral moments, rap verses, electronic flourishes, and synth-bass laden pop production, MAUVEY tackles each of these unique frameworks with the storytelling gravitas of a Shakespearian stage actor, something that’s sure to continue to be reflected during his highly involved live performances.

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