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Mathew V’s Anything Goes: A Journey via Jazz

In an age where it’s harder to break – let alone transcend – into jazz than ever, Mathew V is bucking the trend, and throwing caution to the wind.

Vancouver-based singer/songwriter Mathew V is a rare breed – a vocalist keen on tipping his toe into the age-old world of vocal jazz.

Indeed, the young vocalist is primed for greatness, as his smooth yet powerful vocals caress listeners’ ears as they dive into his latest and greatest, Anything Goes. If you’re one for jazz – vocal jazz, specifically – this one is for you. Perhaps heaping lofty expectations of the great vocalists who have linchpinned the genre might be too much weight to thrust onto the young singer.

Still, one listen will leave would-be fans in an apparent state of disbelief, as Mathew V’s Anything Goes handily nestles in alongside his influences transcendent past works. And so, if you’re looking for some mood music or something blissfully serene to soundtrack your sleepy winter evenings, give Anything Goes a try.

As he prepares to stake his claim amongst a bustling scene, Mathew V beamed in with Atwood Magazine to dig into his latest record, his approach as a songwriter and vocalist, and his thoughts on the jazz scene as it stands today.

Anything Goes is out April 14 via 604 Records; stream the album’s lead single, “The Man I Love,” out now!