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B00sted captures the highs and lows of processing a breakup on “Lose Anything”

Emerging hip-hop talent B00sted captures the emotional highs and lows of coming to terms with a breakup on “Lose Anything,” a groovy yet melancholic number led by his laid-back vocal lines over an echoing soundscape built upon hip-hop/pop and R&B vibes.

With emotive lyricism that delve into how lost heartache can make you feel and the hurt of doing more for someone than they’ve done for you, the track is moody yet soothing as it allows you to process the end of a precious relationship.

Keegan Jaeckel has nurtured his connection with music from a young age with his passion and DIY mindset and now at 21, this rising star under the musical moniker of B00sted has managed to create waves across the industry, building up an ever growing fanbase for his infectious and intimate productions.