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Vancouver Pop Duo Fionn Release Summertime Folk Pop Explorative Single “All Good” | Modern Neon

Regardless of how far you expand out and explore, sometimes it’s refreshing to return to your roots. On our latest visit to our northern neighbors we are checking out “All Good”, the newest drop from Fionn. Originally breaking onto the scene back in 2017, Fionn’s debut single “Skeletons” helped sparked the duo’s initial success. Racking up over 700k streams since the track’s initial release, “Skeletons” elevated Fionn’s career through multiple features on popular playlists such as Indie All Stars, New Music Friday, Contemporary Blend, Folk and Friends to name a few, as well as peaking in the Top 5 on the CBC Music Charts. Now freshly off their sophomore album Everyone’s A Critic, Fionn has taken a new step in their career as musicians and have caught the attention of audiences and industry playmakers.

All Good is a psychedelic depiction of our first times crushing on girls. We’ve never  released a song talking about this side of ourselves, but knew immediately what we wanted to say the first time we heard Kevvy Maher play the opening guitar riff. We wanted the lyrics to be trippy to depict the feeling of falling for people we didn’t know we were able to have feelings for, and the crazy infatuation that came along with those experiences.” – Fionn

Coming right off the heels of Fionn’s Celtic-inspired “Picnic On The Moon”, this latest addition to the Fionn catalog sees the duo returning to their folk roots and embracing the summertime vibes. “All Good” takes their folk-pop sound and tells the story of Fionn’s exploration of their first interest in girls. While they don’t normally put this side of themselves on display, they wanted to explore telling the story of their developing sexuality in the signature Fionn way. Euphoric and pop-forward, “All Good” feels as if it was just waiting for the bright and sunny summer to fully stretch its legs and release all of its built-up positivity. Even though Fionn has been widening their scope as artists and this return to roots could mark a new chapter in the duo’s career, this is merely a pit stop as Fionn continues to transform their sound. 

Make sure you check out “All Good” on Soundcloud below!