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Review: “21” – Madisyn Gifford | Pop Passion

There’s a lot that we associate with the age of 21. It’s the age when we can start to go to clubs, it represents freedom, and most importantly, it sets itself up to be a milestone we all look forward to. With the pandemic in our recent past, we can only see how it affected our ability to truly live out the age as we’re told we should. So, with a road trip vibe, fun melody, and amazing vocals, Madisyn Gifford comes out with the song “21” explaining how she feels like hers wasn’t what it was supposed to be.

Wishing for the excitement that comes with this age of freedom–Gifford states, “I missed out on 21”, which is a relatable feeling for so many young adults at this time with the pandemic close behind us. Madisyn Gifford shows us that while she wrote this song, it was a time she didn’t think her twenty-first year would meet her expectations, but luckily with the scenes we can see within her music video for the song, she got the chance to make the most out of her second half. Looking at the lyrics, we can see her say, “When’s my time to start/almost taste it” which at the time probably read like disappointment, where it was so close but just out of reach. However, paired with the music video, we can see it takes a new perspective– realizing that we can make the most of our time despite the circumstances and while being 21 only lasts a year, maybe it’s more than just age–but a mindset of making memories that will last a lifetime.

Hailing from Vancouver, Madisyn Gifford is a singer/songwriter in her early 20’s, giving fans introspective takes on life. She takes the indie-folk pop sound on with her airy and powerful voice, alluring melodies, and lyrics that captivate listeners. With her relatable and authentic songs, she steadily grows her fan base with evidence coming from her project streams, such as her debut EP, Learning to Exist, and debut LP, I hate your guts, combining to make over 550k streams on Spotify and over 1.2M views on Youtube. Gifford brings forth energy we can’t find anywhere else and fascinates listeners turning them into her fans.