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Mathew V’s “Shame on You” Is Music For The Masses | Music Arena

Mathew V shares the same sentiments with people who are often blamed for the bad things when relationships turn bad.

He is back with another as the Canadian singer continues to make a fascinating impression on music lovers worldwide.

The mid-tempo pop song with a focus on not accepting responsibility in a failed relationship, “Shame on You” has a bright, flowy sound.

His energetic tones are sure to swiftly capture listeners’ focus and it is sure that he will get yours too with this new song.

On the universal classic, Mathew V flawlessly incorporated his emotional characteristics into his vocals without losing the beauty of the song’s tone.

On stage, Mathew has performed as an opener for artists such as Betty Who, Hanson, Daya, MAGIC! etc and he has collaborated with writers such as Dan Mangan and DiRTY RADiO.

It’s the song to keep playing repeatedly as you await the other fantastic songs to start since it serves as a reflection of how everything seems.

Listen to the song below and follow him on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.