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Fionn Takes Us To An Otherworldly Feast With ‘Picnic On The Moon’ | The Honey Pop

When we say the new era of Fionn is out of this world, we mean literally! And the visuals for their latest single, ‘Picnic on the Moon,’ will have you wishing you were in outer space!

The duo start out by being abducted out of boredom by a group of welcoming aliens before having an actual ‘Picnic on the Moon,’ with colorful (and questionable) alien delicacies to really bring their made-up world to life!

Describing the song as the excitement of being in a new relationship, and building your own world together, the lyrics match the playful vibes of the video perfectly.

Picnic on the Moon is a song about being so in love with someone that you build your own world when you’re together, far away from everyday worries. Meeting and connecting with someone on this level brings you back to a childlike level of excitement, as you start to see beauty in the little things. It can really be dedicated to anyone who lifts you up and changes your perspective to a more positive one.

– Fionn

Honing in on their singer-songwriter roots, the sisters’ folk-pop genre fusion offers the best parts of both, with their folk-like storytelling shining through the familiar pop songwriting and production style. The track leaves us with happy vibes, a euphoric feeling, and all around, in a good mood.

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