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Zach’s Picks of the Week – May 30, 2022 to June 4, 2022 | Canadian Beats

zach's picks

Zach Cooper is back with his Picks of the Week from Canadian Beats!

Welcome everyone back to get the scoop on some new music on “Zach’s Picks Of The Week.” The sun is shining, and it’s about time to start getting in shape for the summer.  I have scoured all of the latest articles we featured this last week on the website, and I have chosen my favourite five for your enjoyment. You don’t have to take my word for it; you can pick your favourites from our Canadian music website, Canadian Beats Media. Our authors, who work very hard to get these articles out, would appreciate it. But you’ll be able to check out my choices of the week, at least a small clip of them in the video posted just below. I highly recommend you check out all of these artists on their social platforms and in the links to the articles below. Now it’s time we get into the music, so let’s get going!

Get ready to rumble because we are getting into my picks right now!

Number Two

In the top two this week, we have a singer-songwriter hailing from London, UK, and Vancouver, BC. We have Mauvey, who has unveiled his latest single/video for “The King” on all streaming platforms. It’s an uplifting, vibrant track with empowering prose about equality, respect, and the inherent value within us all.

The new video for “The King,” produced by Mauvey and co-directed by himself and Andrew Huculiak, sees actress Breeanne Brereton star as The King, while Mauvey takes the stage as The Martian. Head over to the website and see the brand new video, co-directed by Mauvey for his latest single, “The King.”

Check out the video for “The King” here.