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Madisyn Gifford releases new single, “Dancing on This Lane” | Canadian Beats


Rising Vancouver pop artist, Madisyn Gifford has unveiled her new single, “Dancing on This Line” in which she opens up about her personal experiences with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Released in support of BPD awareness month, Madisyn is direct in her lyricism, discussing the ups and downs of living with BPD and putting the much-needed conversation about mental health at the forefront.

“Dancing On This Line is one of the most vulnerable and honest songs I have ever written and it’s honestly quite scary for me to share but I also think it’s important for me to. It’s about what life can be like a lot of the time for me living with Borderline Personality Disorder,” Madisyn shares. “Throughout the song I explore issues with my own identity as well as controlling my moods, dealing with food issues, turbulent relationships, and feeling unequipped to handle it all. These are some of the things that people with BPD grapple with often and although putting all of these vulnerabilities out there for anyone to hear is more than terrifying for me, if it can help even just one person who is going through similar things to feel seen and validated it is more than worth it.

Continuing her collaborations with producers Jared Manierka and Colin Janz, “Dancing On This Line” follows the release of Madisyn’s debut album I hate ur guts.

Watch the lyric video for “Dancing on This Line” below, and stay up to date with Madisyn via her socials.