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‘Except for You’ Is an Effortlessly Catchy New Breakup Anthem From Madisyn Gifford | Clout


Madisyn Gifford is an artist who seems to be constantly building steam and gathering more and more acclaim with each and every of her releases. The Canadian artist is becoming known for her personable and heartfelt pop sound and the wide array of memorable tracks she has released along the way.

The latest of which is her rousing new release ‘Except For You’, a track that feels both thoughtful and calculating. Aimed at an ex and doing a stellar job of articulating the conflicting feelings the arise when you go through a breakup, the focus track from the artist’s debut LP I hate ur guts serves as a relatable anthem that rings with an effortless pop appeal.

On the video she shares: “The music video for ‘Except For You’ was one of my favourite ones to shoot because it includes three of my best friends and they got to be with me through the entire shooting day! The song is about missing every aspect of your relationship with someone(they’re house, the friends you had together etc.) except for the actual person themselves, so I wanted to do a really fun sassy video that paired well with the bitter but also melancholy vibe of the song. I also had so much fun getting to style this video and I’m so in love with the outfits I got to wear especially paired with the incredible set design done by the director, Lindsey Blane!

My hope in making this video was that it could put a huge smile on the face of anyone watching it and I hope we accomplished that goal!”