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Madisyn Gifford

From the first listening I was captivated by the songs, the voice of Madisyn Gifford . I had already mentioned this young girl in one of my posts .

Canadian artist, she stands out for her pop titles and, before releasing her album I Hate Ur Guts , presented many titles and clips such as her single Bare Minimum.  

This young 19-year-old singer-songwriter has mastered her art perfectly.

The voice is airy and arresting, the songs are touching and enveloping, and in both cases, Madisyn Gifford effortlessly balances the raw emotion and curiosity of her youth with a mastery of her artistry that completely belies that youth.

With I hate ur guts, Madisyn Gifford realized one of her dreams: to create and release an album of which she could be proud. And she certainly realized her dream through this work which is essentially a series of open letters that she wrote in collaboration with Colin Janz, Jared Manierka and Tavish Crowe during 8 months. Through these 14 titles, Madisyn tell us the story of all the contradictory feelings that accompany heartache. Besides, she even says in the title I hate ur guts ” When you hear me sing these songs to say how much I hate you, don’t forget that I love you just as much ” and it’s finally a good way to sum up the theme of the album.

Madisyn Gifford

 Credit: Lindsey Blane

Indeed, during a breakup, it can feel like all your emotions are in hyper contrast, the crazy power associated with extreme loneliness, sadness, anger, melancholy, gratitude, loss and on that project, she wanted to explore all the nuances of these individual emotions.I hate ur guts  is his most honest and vulnerable work so don’t miss this album.

Madisyn Gifford

Credit: Mathew Miller

Album : I hate ur guts