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Singer/Songwriter Madisyn Gifford Releases First Full-Length Indie-Pop Album “i hate ur guts” | Modern Neon

You may just be coming off a banger of a year for your career, but you need to start off the new year with a bang. On our latest peak into the indie world we are checking out i hate ur guts, the latest drop from Madisyn Gifford. She may have just broken onto the Vancouver indie scene last fall, she is quickly finding her home. Being adept at singing basically since she could talk, Madisyn has been on the path to embracing the life of a musician since she was able to fathom the concept. Now at a mere twenty years old, Madisyn has plenty to tell listeners, along with the skills to back it up. Releasing her debut single “Without You” back in late 2020, she has already amassed almost 200k online streams. After a very active and prosperous 2021, Madisyn is ready to take 2022 by the horns and make 2022 her year.

My whole life one of the things at the top of my bucket list has always been to create and release an album that I could stand behind and say I am so so proud of. I am beyond happy to say that I accomplished that goal with “I hate ur guts”. This body of work is essentially a series of open letters that I wrote with the help of my collaborators Colin Janz, Jared Manierka, and Tavish Crowe over the period of 8 months that tell a story of all the polarizing feelings that come along with heartbreak.

n the title track I say “When you hear me sing these songs about how much I hate your guts, please don’t go forgetting that I love you just as much”, and I feel like that’s a pretty good way to sum up the theme of the entire album. When you’re going through a breakup, it can feel like all of your emotions are in hyper contrast, crazy empowerment paired with extreme loneliness, sadness, anger, melancholy, gratefulness, loss and on this project I wanted to explore all of the nuances of those individual emotions. This album is filled with the most honest and vulnerable work I have ever done. Every single song on this record makes me feel so seen and so validated and more than anything I just really hope that it can do the same for anyone who listens!”- Madisyn Gifford

While 2022 is still in its infancy, you might as well take the plunge and drop one of the most important milestones of your career…your first full-length album! In a world where today’s music landscape is littered with singles and EPs, your first album is starting to hold less weight than normal. However, i hate ur guts is still a major milestone for Madisyn, featuring 11 brand new tracks as well as 3 previously released singles “Bare Minimum”, “Nice Things”, and “I Hope You’re Well”. While the album explores the ever-familiar territory of relationships, i hate ur guts adjusts to Madisyn’s deeper introspect of a relationship in troubled waters. At moments the tracks are personal and intimate, yet at the same time being witty and inducing a few chuckles in our office.  If you are a fan of personal yet dynamic indie-pop from today’s fresh artists, i hate ur guts is easily worth listening to.

Make sure you check out I hate ur guts on Spotify below!