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Review – Madisyn Gifford | Canadian Beats

Album: I hate ur guts
Release Date: January 21, 2022
Genre: Pop/ Synth Pop

I hate ur guts is the latest release from Vancouver’s rising pop artist, Madisyn Gifford.

Coming hot on the heels of her debut EP, Learning To Exist, this new release delves into the beginnings of a crumbling relationship, going from what was one of the protagonist’s best relationships to their partner pushing them away. The sounds that are present through this record include but are not limited to upbeat synth keys to chill melancholic piano ballads

I hate ur guts has a great lineup. Standout tracks include “Bare Minimum” “Hope You’re Well” and “Linear”.

“Bare Minimum“ a melancholic upbeat ditty all about wanting a little effort from their partner in the relationship,  as it seems that they actually want it to work . Essentially the relationship is one-sided.

“Hope You’re Well” is getting back to your former self once you have gone through the stages of the breakup. For example, not listening to the songs that reminded you of them when you were together.

“Linear” musically starts with a soft piano intro but switches into a mid to late 2010’s Daft Punk style song with a synth-heavy backing beat mixed with funky guitar a la Nile Rodgers.

Overall, the album is a call to just love yourself until you find someone who can love you the same way that you can, and have an understanding of each other.

On top of the album, Madisyn has also unveiled a video for the single, “Except For You”, which you can check out HERE.

“This was one of my favourite ones to shoot because it includes three of my best friends and they got to be with me throughout the entire shoot day,” Madisyn notes. “The song is about missing every aspect of your relationship with someone (they’re house, the friends you had together etc.) except for the actual person themselves, so I wanted to do a really fun sassy video that paired well with the bitter but also melancholy vibe of the song. I  had so much fun getting to style this video, and I’m so in love with the outfits I got to wear, especially paired with the incredible set design done by the director, Lindsey Blane! My hope in making this video was that it could put a huge smile on the face of anyone watching it and I hope we accomplished that goal!”