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Lose track of time with Mauvey’s ‘Sunday Afternoon’

Lose track of the time with Mauvey’s ‘Sunday Afternoon’

Mauvey perfectly encapsulates the chaotic energy of an all-nighter, making his latest track the perfect theme song for your next big night out. Sunday Afternoon is about going out the night before and only coming back the day after. It is about a wild night out that cannot compare to any other night.

Mauvey was born in Ghana, West Africa, but grew up in the U.K. and Vancouver. The singer-songwriter’s biggest influences include Michael Jackson, Labrinth, The Weeknd, Childish Gambino and Prince, which is very much evident in his songwriting. He has an addictive energy that makes us want to get up on stage and sing in front of a crowd. It is an energy that gives us the confidence to face any obstacle in the way of our happiness. 

Sunday Afternoon is just the beginning of many more projects to come, including a multi-part film series. It was released alongside I GET IT, which is about the hangover chat with your friends. One is for the beginning of the night, while the other is to be listened to the next day: Mauvey has the tunes covered for the entire weekend. Not only is his vocal tone charismatic and his lyrics cheeky, his melody and beat are hypnotic and memorable as well. His primary goal as an artist is to distribute love for there is no better sharing platform than music for love. Continue sharing the love, listen to Sunday Afternoon on Spotify now: