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Gwyn Love finds happiness in “cali” | Melodic Magazine

Electro pop artist Gwyn Love always knew that she could not be one of those artists who sat around and waited for opportunities to present themselves.  Instead, she was going to get out there, create infectious music, and make opportunities come to her.  So far, Gwyn’s plan has been working, as her debut EP and recent releases have received copious amounts of support from services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.  Continuing to work on her sound and make connections, Gwyn gives us another single that shows off her vibrant personality and determined spirit.

On Gwyn’s new song “cali,” she takes us back to that moment when she knew she just had to get out of her small town in Oklahoma.  She reveals,

I wrote ‘cali’ after telling my friends I wanted to move to California and they all sorta laughed and told me I would be broke and would find myself back in Oklahoma.  I wanted to break into song right then to explain all the reasons that I feel like it’s my home.  It’s funny really, I wrote this song without having been to Cali, but after going, I feel like I described it quite perfectly and had a very realistic idea of what it was going to be like before I even went.  La+ch captured the cali summer vibes I was going for with production.  Sure to make you smile because it makes me smile every time I hear it.

Of course, we know that any time Gwyn and Toronto producer La+ch get together, good things happen.  The two have been playing up Gwyn’s punk-meets-electro pop sound this year, releasing eclectic tracks that mix the sour with the sweet.  Sure enough, this unique style comes through on “cali,” where catchy melodies, resilient vocals, and lively beats all come out to play.  Gwyn makes you want to come with her to California, where “the grass is always green” and “people with drive” are all around.  You can find Gwyn living out her dreams in the video below.

“cali” follows up Gwyn’s ♡ x + collab with La+ch, which was released earlier this year.  You can check them out on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.