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Madisyn Gifford | Thread Official

Madisyn Gifford recently released her new single “Shapes and Shadows” and it is magical. I love her tone and the emotion she delivers through her vocals. I love the sincerity they painted in the songwriting. And I love the melodies. It wasn’t really difficult for me to enjoy this song as it is so honest and beautiful.

Shapes and Shadows is a song about realizing how much you love the person you are with but simultaneously realizing how much that gives them the potential to hurt you. It’s about facing the fears and hardships that often come along with love and continuing to fight for that person/relationship despite them. It also acknowledges the fact that the relationship is not perfect in any way but that is also what makes it feel so special. I wrote it on a napkin while on break at the coffee shop I worked in when I was 18 and rushed home to my guitar after my shift so that I could put it to music and it is such a special one for me. I’m so glad to have been able to work with Colin Janz on this song as well because it’s his work that truly brought the whole thing to life!” she says.

I’m really hoping to hear more emotional ballads from her because it suits her so well. But I’ll be here to listen to her uptempo songs too 🙂

“Shapes and Shadows” is now available 🙂

Introduce yourself – what’s your story?

Hi! My name is Madisyn Gifford and I write music and sing in an effort to feel seen and express my own inner monologue. Through that I hope I can make others feel seen as well!

What did you grow up listening to?

I grew up listening to a lot of different music because all of the people in my family have such different taste, but mostly a lot of Sarah McLachlan, Ani Difranco, and Fleetwood Mac.

At what point did you realize you had to become an artist and release your original music?

I always knew I wanted to pursue something where I could express myself in some way whether that meant photography or writing and I always loved to sing but it wasn’t until I was 17 and I wrote my first couple songs that I knew I needed to make music. Nothing had ever felt like such a complete and honest form of expression as songwriting did, I was hooked right away.

How would you define Madisyn Gifford, the artist?

I think more than anything I just love to tell stories based off of personal experience and shape songs around that. The storytelling has always been what’s most important to me!

What lessons have you learned since the beginning of your career?

Not to be too hard on myself in the midst of writer’s block because the words will come to me when they are meant to, and honestly just not to be too hard on myself in general. I think I do my best work when I go a little bit easier on myself.

“Shapes and Shadows” is your new single – what’s the inspiration behind this single?

The song is inspired by a relationship I was in at the time while writing it. It’s all about loving a person and a relationship not only despite its flaws but for them.

Could you describe the songwriting/production process for this song? Who helped you create it?

I wrote this song initially on a napkin while on break at the café I work in and then went home and put it to the guitar. After sitting with it for a little while I brought it to Colin Janz and together we wrote the bridge and he did all the production magic! He totally brought the song to life and I am beyond happy with all of the work he did!

What did you feel when writing this single?

I was really in love but I was always really tired and frustrated because of all of the confusion that can come along with that when you’re only 18. I think all of those emotions really come through in the song.

What made you want to release “Shapes and Shadows” as a single?

Shapes and Shadows was actually the first demo that we decided was going to be a single because we just loved the emotion behind the track! I think it’s a really powerful song that hopefully people will be able to relate to.

What can you tell us about the music video?

The music video was such a fun one for Lindsey Blane and I to create. I think it’s a really pretty video that very much plays off of the title of the song “Shapes and Shadows”