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In No Particular Order: Must-Hear Albums of the Week (Apr 16, 2021) | Dusty Organ


Head into your weekend with some fantastic new tunes from some of the week’s best, including two debut releases (always an exciting day).

Just like From The Inbox, I’ve created a In No Particular Order Spotify playlist to match my weekly album picks! Featuring the three ‘notable tracks’ from each release, check by every Friday to find something new in your music library.

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Opening with a sincere voicemail about following your dreams, Panorama instantly welcomes listeners into the heart of Vancouver’s Michaela Slinger. After joining the 9-5 life fresh out of university, Slinger decided to listen to her calling and began pursuing music full time not too long after. Panorama is her debut full-length and is a lively and spirited collection about listening to your gut and choosing your destiny while in the heat of a quarter life crisis.

With beginnings in the indie folk realm on her debut single “Flux”, Slinger finds a new strength in the pop world, finding a middle ground somewhere between the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen, Taylor Swift, and Fleetwood Mac. Glowing choruses and bright hooks fill the space through synthesizers, guitars, and vocal layers, as Slinger dives into making big decisions in life and love for 12 tracks.

Woven into the album are voice clips from her grandparents, providing sincere and heartfelt honesty about following your dreams and life itself, adding to both the record’s theme and its overall experience as a complete effort. Her homegrown spirit and humble sincerity gives Panorama an irresistible charm, and offering glimpses into her real life is a compelling personal touch.

If you’d like to hear more about her journey, check out our interview with Michaela.

Notable tracks: “Too Good To Be Great” // “Who Do I Need To Be?” // “Wild Child”