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Madisyn Gifford Drops Empowering New Single ‘Voulez Vous’ Music News | Conversations About Her

Madisyn Gifford has released her vibrant new single “Voulez Vous”, a song about female empowerment. The artist’s enveloping lyricism picture the process of a girl who realizes she is not treated the way she deserves in a relationship “1,2,3 I finally see. You were never good for me”, she says with airy yet arresting vocals.

“Voulez Vous” came along with a video clip, which Gifford explains: “It starts out with a woman in a lake peacefully singing her own song and then takes a dark turn as a man comes along and steals it from her. At first she is hurt but just like in the song, by the end of the video she ends up taking the power back. It was so much fun to make and I absolutely love the message that it portrays!”

Madisyn worked on “Voulez Vous” with acclaimed producer Colin Janz and successfully belied her young age with her perfect balance between the raw emotion and curiosity of her youth.

The 20-year-old songwriter has been singing as long as she’s been talking and showcased a transcendent quality from her early releases. Through her innocence blended to her experience and vocal prowess, Madisyn offers a captivating, compelling and vivacious indie-folk sound that can completely wrap its listener.

The Canadian artist said “I think it’s such a fun and empowering song and I really hope people enjoy bopping along to it as much as I do!”

Quickly proving that she has her place into the rising Canadian pop scene, Madisyn has already accumulated over 185K streams and video views since her debut release “Without You” last fall and has seen her music start to appear on popular playlists such as Indie Pop & Chill.

Watch the video for “Voulez Vous” below: