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Fionn – Dirty Dancing | Keep Walking Music

Fionn are young women with old souls. They’re feminine and fashionable but prefer to hang with the boys. Their sound is rooted in classic folk, but on “Modern Medication”, their latest single via 604 Records, it boasts a modern alt-pop sheen that’s uniquely theirs.

Words by S. Ben Ali

Vancouver-based duo Fionn released their brand new single a couple of days ago titled ‘DirtyDancing’. The latest and greatest is an impressive electronic inspired pop song that highlights Fionn’s incredible vocals performance and their beautiful writing style.

And upon hearing ‘DirtyDancing’ for the first time, you can definitely consider us a fan. Fionn is a special type of band with a very unique set of skills. We look forward to watching the young artists blossom and we can’t wait to hear more in the coming months. Don’t forget to connect with Fionn to stay up to date on whatever’s happening next.