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Introducing: Gwyn Love – never have to see u again | Lefuturewave

Oklahoma born pop singer-songwriter Gwyn Love drops the video for her debut single never have to see u again, which was released via 604 Records last month.

The song features pop sounds, sublime vocals, and memorable hooks.

Gwyn’s lyrics are impressive. She writes so well. Her words flow with authenticity.

The single is a song the artist says she believes becomes more powerful each and every time she hears it — an anthem that constantly re-ignites the happiest of moments when everything in her life really started to come together. It’s a kind of honest lyricism that is sure to set Gwyn apart from the pack.

Upon its release, never have to see u again was featured on multiple playlists including Spotify’s “It’s A Bop”, Apple Music’s “New Music Daily” and Amazon’s “Fresh Pop, Brand New Music”.

On the video Gwyn notes, “The video made for ‘never have to see u again’ by Emma Higgins was everything I dreamed it to be and more. We wanted to capture the moody vibe of the track by destroying heart shaped items, not in an angry way, but in more of a “I don’t give a f*ck” vibe. There’s vibey lighting, lots of sassy scenes. It captures me moving on with my life and being happy, following my dreams without my ex’s negative words affecting me any longer. You can expect to see quality looks and a lot of sass.”

Gwyn creates an atmosphere. She’s a rising star. Her music connects with people.

Check out never have to see u again below!