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The Best 15 Disco & Funk Tracks of April 2020 | Magnetic Magazine

Considering the extraordinary time we are living in, we all need the release that music provides and these 15 artists are giving us just what we need to make our days a little brighter! Thanks to Joey Negro, Anoraak, and Pat Lok, along with some fantastic new artists to the chart, you will be able to lose yourself to the music, even if it’s just for a little while.

Jafunk & DiRTY RADiO – The Baddest

“The Baddest” is a sexy track, period. Jafunk & DiRTY RADiO hit ya with a solid bassline to get the groove started and then layer on the sweetest vocals to get you fully in the mood. These artists are great on their own, but it’s the chocolate in peanut butter combo that makes it all delicious!